Atlantic Water and Air

Ever wonder what’s in the water in your home?

The water you drink, cook and bathe with…
Well you can find out with this water test kit.

Just fill up the sample bottle with water from any tap in your home, fill out the information card so that you can be contacted with your test results. Then return everything in the postage paid envelope.

With a series of test, your water will be analyzed, then in about 7 to 10 days you’ll be contacted with your results, all for free.

If you have any concerns with the results of your water test, you’ll be given information on what you might do to correct it. Either way, you’ll have piece of mind knowing what’s in your water, so take one home and find out.

Water test kits are available at you local participating HomeDepo Stores.
If you would like us to come out to your home and test your water for you, just call us at (302) 326-1166 or fill out this form.

Atlantic Water and Air Reviews

by The DeGhetto Family (Elsmere, DE)

“Atlantic Water and Air is a first class water purification company”

I just wanted to tell you how amazed I am with your water treatment system. It has been a month since you installed our water treatment system in my house.

People might think it takes weeks or months before you notice the difference but for me, the difference was notices the first time I turned the water on.

Anything that uses water has taken on an incredible difference. My Ice Tea and coffee have a more favorable taste. There is no more white water drop residue in my sink or on my shower doors. The ice tea pitcher no longer has a black tea ring in it.

My clothing dries much softer and towels are no longer stiff. My skin is so much softer and I no longer need to use lotion on my dry hands. Even drying my hair took less time.

So thank you for changing my lifestyle with your Water Treatment System.

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