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by Joann Di Liberto on Blank Business Name

We are very happy with the Atlantic Water and Air System and we would recommend it to anyone.

In December 1999, we moved into our beautiful new house in Oxford PA. Within weeks, we realized that the water quality was less than optional.

Rust stains were present in our sinks, toilets, showers and bath tub. In our culture, we have grown to expect a bath to be a relaxing pleasant experience but discovering brown particles floating in the water tends to make the bath a chore to endure rather than a relaxing moment in a busy day.

In addition, we noticed our white clothes were becoming grey and dingy. Worst of all, we knew that we had to do something when we realized that we never drank a glass of water straight from the kitchen tap because the water had an unpleasant taste and odor.

In May 2001, we heard of Atlantic Water and Air and called for a free consultation and test of our water quality. We were pleased with the information given us by Brandon Kittlitz and we had the system connected the very next day.

One month after we had the Atlantic Water and Air system connected, the rust stains were significantly decreased. We use much less detergent to wash our clothes and our clothes now look much brighter and cleaner.

Best of all however, we now have cleaner, tastier water for drinking and cooking and we actually drink water right out of the kitchen tap. There are other benefits that I have not even mentioned, one of them would include, the long term protection of our plumbing and our water heater. Overall, we are very happy with the Atlantic Water and Air System and we would recommend it to anyone.

by Catherine and Richard Grebner on Blank Business Name

I am writing this letter to tell you about our experiences with your product. At first, when your representative came to test our water, they told us about all the wonderful things that soft water would do for us. It was hard to believe that soft water was going to make things great. However, we thought that we would try it.The water softener was installed. After several visits to correct some problems, we started to really see a difference in many things. I especially realized these differences when I had to go away for 3 days and did not have the soft water.The first difference has been that our skin is not dry. It doesn’t turn white when you scratch. Our hands are smoother. Our hair also has felt the benefit of your product. It is shinier and cleaner.I’ve also noticed a difference in our clothes. The white seem whiter and the colors seem brighter. The stains disappear better. The towels and other clothes feel softer.My husband and sons have kidney stones. They all felt better because they are not passing stones or gravel as previously. We hope that this soft water is helping, because they have not had x-rays to check.I also have to say that we are using much less soap, detergent, and cleaning substances. The soft water makes them work better with less.The one thing that I’m having a problem with is removing stains from my rugs that the cats have left. I’m still working on that though.We would definitely recommend that other families purchase this product. We are very happy with it when it is working properly. We would also like to say that the people who have been in contact with us have been very pleasant.Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

by Andrea & Scott K. on Blank Business Name

Dear Atlantic Water and Air,We wanted to write and thank you for making a quality product. Of course we were skeptical when we signed up, but we were pleasantly surprised. Our water tastes great, our clothes & dishes are cleaner and we use less much soap and shampoo. We are enjoying drinking water for the first time. Our dishes sparkle out of the dishwasher, (not to mention our 10 year old dishwasher seems to run “better”).

by Trisa and Robert Ward on Blank Business Name

I’ve just got to tell you how much we love our Atlantic Water and Air system. We thought about buying one, but until Atlantic Water and Air, it was out of reach.What a difference our Atlantic Water and Air water treatment system has made! All of my red blotchy winter dry skin has disappeared! I have long hair and keeping it soft used to be a chore – not anymore! Just the change in the water since our system was installed has made my hair softer and my husbands beard is down right silky – without using conditioners!And we love the taste! No more filter pitchers clogging up the counters. We have great tasting water right out of the tap – and if it sits in a cup for a few hours? Still tastes great! No more chlorine or PVC pipe taste! Thank you for bringing us the opportunity to own a Atlantic Water and Air system. We are really glad we bought it.

by Clifford A. Rumph on Blank Business Name

It has been 30 days since we had our new water treatment system installed from Atlantic Water and Air. We are tremendously satisfied with the system. There is such a noticeable change in the taste of beverages that we make with the water. We also noticed that our skin is not dry after a shower, since the water is not hard like it use to be. When we wash clothe they seen so much softer now. We use less detergent for washing clothes and doing the dishes, which should decrease the amount of money that we usually spend on cleaning type products. Even though it has only been 30 days we feel that in the long run we have made a very wise economic and health conscience investment. We must consume clean water to have healthy bodies. We were spending on an average of about $15.00 to $20.00 weekly for bottle water, but not anymore. We will and have been recommending the Atlantic Water & Air water treatment system to our families and friends. It is a GREAT product.