Have a Water Filtration System Installed for Your Home in Dover, DE

Water Filtration System Dover DEIf you think you are experiencing a problem with your home’s water supply, it might be time to consider having a water filtration system installed. If you live in Dover, Delaware, and you have noticed an unpleasant smell coming from your water; rust stains in your tub, shower, or water-using appliances; or pinholes in your copper pipes, the professionals at Atlantic Home Services can help. Since 1987, we have been assisting homeowners with finding solutions to all their water concerns by providing them with superior water filtration and other treatment systems that will address any water issue.

When you contact us with concerns about the quality of your water, we’ll send an experienced water treatment specialist to your home to perform a complimentary water analysis that will help determine the exact issue you are experiencing. Using the results of the in-home water test, our analyst can suggest a water filtration system consisting of one or more of our problem-solving filters that will best resolve your issue.

At Atlantic Home Services, we offer and install a variety of whole-house problem-solving water filters, some of which solve specific problems while others address a range of issues and are only installed when those issues are currently present. The water filtration system we install in your home will be personalized to meet the exact needs of your Dover, DE, home’s water supply and can include one or more of the following problem-solving components:

  • QRS whole-house carbon filter, which removes chlorine and other organic contaminants in city water supplies and rids water of bad taste and odor
  • Acid neutralizer, which adjusts the low pH imbalance of well water supplies
  • Alkaline water filter, which ionizes home water supplies and results in water that will hydrate you faster and more efficiently

For more information about having a water filtration system installed in your Dover, DE, home, call Atlantic Home Services today.