Water Purifier Systems for Homeowners Throughout Philadelphia, Southeastern PA, Central & Southern NJ & DE

Water Purifier Philadelphia PAAtlantic Home Services can install a RainSoft water purifier in your home that will give your family great-tasting water without the hassle, expense, and waste associated with bottled water, whether you live in Philadelphia, Southeastern Pennsylvania, Central or Southern New Jersey, or Delaware. With a water purification system providing an unlimited supply of “better than bottle” quality water, you won’t have to worry about carrying and storing bottles or running out of refreshing drinking water.

At Atlantic Home Services, we offer two types of water purifiers. The Ultrefiner is a reverse osmosis drinking water system that can remove fluoride and other contaminants from your water through three filters and is RainSoft’s premium drinking water system. Our other water purifier is the Hydrefiner, which uses a carbon block filter to reduce the chlorine taste and smell in your water. Both systems will leave you with an unlimited supply of refreshing, ready-to-drink water. After a thorough water-quality test and professional recommendations as to which water purifier system will best meet your needs, we can then install your new drinking water system out of the way – under your sink, or even in your basement – with a direct line to a dedicated faucet for easy use, or even plumbed to your refrigerator for fresh-tasting ice and cold water.

Whether you live in Philadelphia, Southeastern PA, Central or Southern NJ, or DE, you’ll enjoy many benefits by having us install a new water purifier, such as:

  • An unlimited supply of fresh-tasting, healthier drinking water
  • Better-tasting coffee, teas, juices, and other drinks or foods prepared with water
  • Removal of impurities that faucet-mounted filters don’t address
  • Money savings over buying bottled water
  • And more

At Atlantic Home Services, we provide superior service to our customers and help them solve their home water quality issues with premium products from top manufacturers. That’s why, in addition to a water purifier, we can also install a variety of other products to create a comprehensive water treatment system that is customized to address the specific water quality issues present in your home. We also focus on service, and will come out to retest your water shortly after the installation of your new water purifier to ensure your satisfaction, as well as provide an annual check-in for as long as you own the product.

If you’d like to learn more about a water purifier system or any of our other top-notch products for your home in Philadelphia, Southeastern PA, Central or Southern NJ, or DE, please contact Atlantic Home Services today. We have been providing local homeowners with clean water since 1987.