Need a Water Softener for Your Home in the Brick, NJ, Area? Atlantic Home Services Can Help

Water Softener Brick NJWhen you need a water softener installed in your Brick, New Jersey, home, turn to the professionals at Atlantic Home Services. Since 1987, we have assisted countless homeowners with finding solutions to their concerns about their homes’ water supplies. For instance, if your clothes seem worn or faded after laundering or you’ve noticed mineral buildup on your dishes and glassware, then you may have a water hardness issue.

A water softener works to condition your water supply by exchanging calcium and magnesium – the minerals that cause water hardness — with harmless sodium and potassium. After you have a water conditioning system installed in your Brick, NJ, home, you will notice the following results:

  • Improved performance and efficiency of your water-using appliances
  • Glasses and dishes that are sparkling and like new
  • Better lather from your shampoos and soaps
  • Softer and cleaner hair and skin
  • Brighter clothes

Our top-selling water softening system is the EC4 Series from RainSoft, one of the leading manufacturers of home water treatment systems in the industry. It is equipped with a variety of beneficial features, such as a self-cleaning control valve, a built-in battery system, and demand-generated operation, which make it the perfect choice for homeowners in Brick, NJ, and beyond.

To learn more about the water softener options we have available for residents of Brick, NJ, contact Atlantic Home Services.