Water Softener Systems for Residents in Dover, DE, and Surrounding Communities

Water Softener Dover DEIf you need a water softener installed in your Dover, Delaware, home, turn to Atlantic Home Services. Since 1987, we have been improving the lives of area homeowners by installing superior water treatment systems from RainSoft and other top manufacturers in the industry. If you’ve discovered limescale deposits on your cookware, glassware, and fixtures, or if water-using appliances like your dishwasher are breaking down, you may need a water conditioning system to soften your home’s water supply.

When you have a water softener installed in your home in Dover, DE, you’ll no longer have to worry about all of the issues associated with water hardness, like mineral buildup in your sinks and residue on your skin, hair, and clothes. A water softening system works by exchanging hardness-causing minerals like calcium and magnesium with sodium and potassium, allowing you to enjoy a number of benefits, like:

  • Cleaner, brighter, and softer clothes
  • Cooking dishes and glassware that are free of mineral stains and residue
  • A better lather for your soaps, shampoos, and detergents
  • Showers, tubs, and sinks that are free of unsightly soap-scum buildup
  • And more

When you call us with a concern regarding your home’s water quality, we’ll send one of our water specialists to perform a complimentary water test to pinpoint your exact water problems. Based on the results of that analysis, we’ll help you choose the right water softener to resolve your water concerns. Our top-selling water conditioning system is the RainSoft EC4 Series, which is equipped with a number of features that can benefit homeowners in Dover, DE, and nearby communities. Some of these features include customizable settings, a built-in battery system, alarm tones, and a self-cleaning valve.

For more information about our EC4 Series or other water softener systems we can install for homeowners in Dover, DE, call Atlantic Home Services today.