Water Softener Systems Installed by Atlantic Home Services for Homeowners in Howell, NJ

Water Softener Howell NJHaving a water softener installed by Atlantic Home Services at your home in Howell, New Jersey, or a neighboring community will ensure you and your family have access to an abundant supply of conditioned water. Since 1987, we have proudly served the home water treatment needs of local homeowners by providing them with products that address virtually any water quality concern, including water hardness. If you have noticed mineral deposits around your fixtures and faucets, spots on your dishes and glassware, or your clothes appear faded and worn, then you may have a water hardness issue that can be resolved by having Atlantic Home Services install a premium water softener in your Howell home.

At Atlantic Home Services, our best-selling water softener is the EC4 Series from RainSoft. This system works by replacing calcium and magnesium, the minerals that cause water hardness, with sodium and potassium. This computer-controlled system features:

  • Immediate response – The press of any button awakens the system to display status, instructions, or messages
  • Power recovery – The system will automatically recover in the event of a power outage
  • Alarm tones – Three different alarms are used to alert you when salt is low, when there is no salt at all, or when service is needed
  • Interactive display with full menu – This system provides easy-to-read and understand data regarding the system, water quality and usage, as well as general support information via an LCD display
  • And more

For more information about the EC4 Series or other water softener systems we can install for homeowners in Howell, NJ, contact Atlantic Home Services today.