A Water Softener System Installed by Atlantic Home Services for Homeowners in Wilmington, DE

Water Softener Wilmington DEHaving a water softener installed by Atlantic Home Services will significantly improve the quality of the water supply in your Wilmington, Delaware, home. Since 1987, Atlantic Home Services has been providing local homeowners with premium water treatment systems that address a variety of water-related problems, including water hardness. Hard water occurs when there are high levels of calcium and magnesium in your water supply. If you’ve found unsightly limescale stains on your fixtures and cookware, or if you’ve noticed your soap and detergent aren’t performing as well as they should be, the water in your home may have a high mineral content. Our premium water softener systems work by exchanging these hard water-causing minerals with sodium or potassium, so you and your family can enjoy an abundant supply of soft, luxurious water at your home in Wilmington, DE.

When you contact Atlantic Home Services with concerns about your water, we’ll send one of our trained water technicians to your home to perform a complimentary analysis to determine your exact water quality issues. Based on the results of the test, we’ll be able to make suggestions regarding the water softener or other water treatment system that will best solve your problem. Once your water conditioner is installed, you can enjoy crust-free sinks and pipes, and your hair, skin, and clothes will be free of hard water residue.

The EC4 Series by RainSoft is one of our top-selling water softener systems, and is equipped with a variety of features that will benefit homeowners in Wilmington, DE, including:

  • A full range of settings that allow you to customize the system based on your family’s needs
  • A built-in battery system that saves your settings and data and reboots itself following a power outage
  • Computer control, which prevents your home from running out of treated water
  • Alarm tones that will alert you when your system is low on salt, completely out of salt, or needs servicing
  • And more

To learn more about our EC4 Series or other water softener options we can provide to residents in Wilmington, DE, contact Atlantic Home Services today.