Water Softener Systems for Homeowners Throughout Philadelphia, Southeastern PA, Central & Southern NJ & DE

Water Softener Philadelphia PAWhen you have Atlantic Home Services install a water softener in your home in Philadelphia, Southeastern Pennsylvania, Central or Southern New Jersey, or Delaware, you’ll enjoy an unlimited supply of soft water that provides a number of impressive benefits. By exchanging the bicarbonate ions that cause water hardness with sodium or potassium, one of our advanced water softener systems will actually change the chemical makeup of your home’s water so that it’s easier on you and your plumbing. Soft water will leave no crusty buildup in your home’s pipes or water-using appliances, and will leave your skin feeling soft and free of residue. With a water softener, you’ll also need less soap for cleaning, your glasses will come out of the dishwasher free of water stains, and your clothes will look brighter and feel softer after you wash them.

At Atlantic Home Services, we’ll help you choose the right water conditioner for your home, as well as any other water treatment products you may need, by first conducting a complimentary in-home test to determine your particular water quality issues. After reviewing the results with you, we’ll then be able to make informed recommendations as to the specific water softener best suited to your needs, as well as any water filters or purification systems that may benefit you. Our goal is to provide a customized solution tailored to the specific issues present in your home’s water supply. And, since we only carry products from RainSoft, WaterTech, and other respected leaders in the industry that are installed by our factory-trained technicians, you can count on a quality system installed properly for optimum performance.

One of our top-selling water softeners is the RainSoft EC4 Series water softener, and it has numerous features that make it the perfect choice for homeowners throughout Philadelphia, Southeastern Pennsylvania, Central or Southern New Jersey, or Delaware who want soft water, such as:

  • Programmable, demand-generated operation that supplies soft water according to your family’s usage rather than on a set timer
  • Built-in battery back-up system that saves important program data during a power outage
  • Various tank size options – all with tank-within-a-tank construction for failsafe durability – to match your family’s water needs
  • Self-cleaning control valve for long-lasting, maximum performance
  • A manufacturer’s lifetime warranty
  • And more

Whether you choose the EC4 Series or any other water softener, Atlantic Home Services will provide you with superior customer service. This includes a follow-up visit shortly after installation to retest your water and ensure your complete satisfaction, as well as annual check-ins for as long as you own your water softener.

We have been helping homeowners throughout Philadelphia, Southeastern PA, Central and Southern NJ, and DE solve their water woes since 1987, and we are ready to provide you with better water. Please contact Atlantic Home Services today for more information on adding a water softener or other home water treatment system to your home.